Some Fans acting, Rome Must Close the Curva Sud in Game Cage Next

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Some Fans acting, Rome Must Close the Curva Sud in Game Cage Next

Rome – Roma must close the Curva Sud for the next home game as punishment for the incident in the last match against Napoli. Roma President James Pallotta also deplored the act of a few supporters in the incident and overall impact for the Giallorossi.

The basis of the conviction by the Disciplinary Commission of the Serie A, Reuters noted, is the presence of a banner in the Curva Sud in a 1-0 win over Napoli at the Olimpico Rome last weekend.

The banner itself is rated containing insults against the mother of the late provokotif Napoli supporters were killed last year. Some supporters of Rome in the Curva Sud when it is also considered to hurl words containing ridicule to people from a particular region.

As a result of the incident Rome was decided that deserves punishment must now close the Curva Sud for the next game at home. Football Italia added, Rome was also ordered to pay a fine of 12 thousand euros.

Over the whole series of these things, Palotta was inflamed. Not merely for the punishment of his club, but also for the actions of a handful of supporters who tarnished the Romans as a whole. Palotta said it had tried to anticipate as much as possible similar things, such as the confiscated banners brought fans, and tighten security. However, there were some who could qualify.

“It is not fair for the whole of our supporters marred by a handful of idiots and fools in the Curva Sud and I’m sure the majority of Roma supporters also are fed up and bored with the act of fools it, and now it all depends on us all, not only in Rome but also in Italy, to end-doings of their behavior, “said Palotta to Rome Radio.

“We’ve done a lot of good things with Roma Cares to combat bullying, violence, and racism, and we will continue to do so. We’ve worked very hard. Now I have pledged one million dollars to Rome Cares to continue to fight the nonsense that goes on in Rome and also in Italy, and I hope we can invite other parties to contribute to the educational program to stop bad things like that, “he said.

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