Ramsey admits Burnley Give A Serious Game for Arsenal

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Ramsey admits Burnley Give A Serious Game for Arsenal

London – Arsenal won 1-0 only when they travel to Burnley headquarters. The Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey admits heavy running game.

Come to Turf Moor on Saturday (04/11/2015) night, Arsenal are statistically very dominant. Whoscored noted possession 69% -31% for excellence kids north London.

Arsenal are also able to release 17 shots, but only five were led to the goal. Burnley currently has four kick on target from just eight experiments.

The only goals by Ramsey in the 12th minute following a crisis in the penalty box host. Despite winning fast enough, ‘Gunner’ failed to take advantage of the situation to score another goal. They actually seem struggled to create chances and some times depressed.

“This is one of the toughest games. Many big teams lose points here. We looked solid. They like to send the ball forward and we handle it very well,” said Ramsey told the BBC.

“Maybe before we ever made a mistake when attacked and punished. We had the pressure, but feel quite comfortable in the field,” he added.

One goal mark Ramsey pretty good performance in the game, where he was stationed as a right midfielder. The 24-year-old admitted to actually enjoy a more central role, but to understand the new task as competition increasingly tough position.

“I like to be involved more in the game, but I’m doing the task on the right side and happy with the way I played. It’s been a long time since most of our squad fit,” he continued.

“Obviously there is competition for places, it keeps everyone focused and try hard. We are in a fantastic rate, so it’s hard to get your place again,” said Ramsey.
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