Liverpool Season: Solidly Behind, Blunt at Home

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Liverpool Season: Solidly Behind, Blunt at Home

Liverpool – “Disease” Liverpool last season on the back line has begun to overcome. But a new problem arises again when the front line ‘The Red’ last season sharp, blunt immediately.

Last season one champion Liverpool failure is due keroposnya back line where 51 goals lodged at the goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. Whereas on the front lines, the sharpness of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge accounted for 50 percent of the total of 101 goals.

Then this season when conditions turned 180 degrees goalkeeper Mignolet only conceded 36 goals, the same as the fifth best and belongs to Manchester City. Not only that Mignolet also recorded 14 times clean sheets, Chelsea and Southampton just better.

Unfortunately the front lines they become anemic after the death of Suarez, who moved to Barcelona. While Sturridge had to miss a lot of games, Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert, and Fabio Borini could not be expected.

Be Rodgers then put Raheem Sterling as the main striker. This season as a player was Sterling sharpest only making seven goals, followed by Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson with six goals.

This condition also makes Liverpool struggle to compete at the top and in danger of not qualifying for the Champions League next season, because it is still sitting in fifth position with 58 points, seven points ahead of Manchester United in the fourth.

This problem is also what makes Rodgers dizzy and hoping to soon find a solution. One of them is a top striker this summer.

“If you look at the numbers today, with the same amount of action, we’ve made 90 goals. You see the difference almost 100 percent,” said Rodgers on Soccerway.

“We are strong on the defense side, regardless of what people write and say, we record 14th clean sheet of the season in the match against West Brom,” he continued.

“We were in the top five best defense in the league. But of course most acute, such as when I came here, is the front line – and that’s what we want to fix.”

“Obviously it is an area that we need to fix in the summer. We had a top striker in self-Daniel, but he also needs a partner,” said Rodgers.

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