City Sued Perform Better at Old Trafford

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City Sued Perform Better at Old Trafford

Manchester – Manchester City defeat just ahead of Manchester United’s visit to the headquarters. The Citizens are asked to immediately improve performance in order to achieve good results at Old Trafford.

City lost 1-2 when a visit to the headquarters of the Crystal Palace, Tuesday (04/07/2015) pm dawn. At Selhurst Park, goals from Glenn Murray and Jason Puncheon be the cause of the defeat of City.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are in peak performance. They pluck the five-game winning streak in the league.

Therefore, the former City player Stuart Pearce requested that Manuel Pellegrini’s team made it to perform better while diving game away to the headquarters of the ‘Red Devils’.

“The momentum is on United in the last month or so, they are a team that is in the best performance with Arsenal,” Pearce said on Sky Sports.

“From the standpoint City, I can only see that they are in decline. The answer to this can be found in the locker room.”

“You can override the manager for this equation, the dressing room must be able to resolve this problem.”

“(Yaya) Toure, (Vincent) Kompany, should be able to look good for the fans at the game on Sunday, which could be said that we still have a lot of potential to improve the appearance,” he added.

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