Sterling Maybe Not Strengthen UK Face Italy

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Sterling Maybe Not Strengthen UK Face Italy

London – There are opportunities Raheem Sterling will not appear when England face Italy in a friendly match at the beginning of next week. He will be discharged in order to maintain the condition due to injury.

Sterling was called into the England national team for the match against Lithuania in the continuation of the European Cup Qualifying on Friday (03/27/2015) local time. After that the Three Lions will menjalanu no less fierce duel with Italy on Tuesday (03/31/2015).

But to duel with the Azzurri, Sterling believed not to be played. Liverpool’s players it is still troubled by a thumb injury, and appeared in two games at adjacent time feared would make his condition worse.

ESPNFC call Hodgson will allow players 20 years was returned sooner to Liverpool. Hodgson has given indications that the number of players will be reduced when a visit to Italy.

“In addition to the players I have mentioned or that are not here because of injury, I am afraid we will lose even more. There are one or two that I know will not be able to join us to fight in Italy because of the problems they are experiencing at this time . So with this condition there is a team that will not be as strong as I expected, “said Hodgson.

Hongson called the decision to repatriate some of the players before the match with Italy could make it sharp criticism. However, due to its status just friendship, he still prioritize the team for qualifying.

“In the UK, unfortunately, you are always assessed with hard and you continue to be in the spotlight because all want to look good English and believe we can do well. We accept it, but as far as I understand we are still in the qualification. And it (qualification) is My priority, though the media call Italy stronger than Lithuania, “he continued.

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