Commenting prohibited Problem Confusion Falcao

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Commenting prohibited Problem Confusion Falcao

BOGOTA – Colombian national team coach, Jose Pekerman, asked all parties to not comment regarding the negative period experienced by Radamel Falcao at Manchester United today.

As is known, recently the owner of the nickname El Tigre was revealed his condition at this time at Old Trafford by Silvano Espindola. Even former agent was declared the 29-year striker often shed tears when issuing his heart.

Many parties, a firm decision Louis van Gaal who played alongside United’s U-21 team in early March 2015 to the beginning of unhappiness Falcao. Despite the swift finger leads to Van Gaal, but Pekerman would not prejudice.

Even the 65-year-old coach said he did not able to comment on the decision issued by Van Gaal related Falcao. “If not there, you should not leave a comment related to what happened to Falcao or Van Gaal,” said Pekerman to Goal Sunday (03/22/2015).

“In making the decision, it is related of the methods used coach. He will decide which players will play. So I do not want to comment on this further, “he added.

In fact, he urges ban commented not only apply to him. Also to those who are far away from the scope of United.

“I was on the side of Falcao, knowing he is currently suffering and deserve a chance to work better. But, this is not my job to judge the decision given by the other coaches. So also with you, “he said.

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