Worried anticlimactic Too Fast, Rodgers Ask Sterling Reserved

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Worried anticlimactic Too Fast, Rodgers Ask Sterling Reserved

Liverpool Raheem Sterling look brilliant with Liverpool and England get the praise of many senior players. Reds manager Brendan Rodgers requested that the player was given a 19-year burden is too high.

Sterling‘s career is moncer last two seasons. He has the dribbling speed is okay. Not only in Liverpool, Sterling also performed regularly with England.

Compliment ever given Manchester United players were also teammates in England, Wayne Rooney. Sterling remind Rooney to the former Dutch national team winger Marc Overmars.

Rodgers realize the great potential that is owned by Sterling. Given the experiences of the young players who brilliantly but then quickly anticlimactic, Rodgers ordered that Sterling unencumbered high expectations.

I discussed the matter with Raheem this week. I say if he handles the task well. Task He responded with a vengeance. He mature boy. Him boy growing rapidly in the last two years. He also grounded,” said Rodgers as quoted by Sports Mole.

He continues to show talents. He is presently in the fitting, either at club or national team. Becoming what we are here to protect him in order to keep up with the best performance in every game that acted. Also the golden age, between 28-31 years.

At this time, we have to be careful. Become a folly to solely focus on Raheem, because England need team work, they do not just need one player.

We‘ve done this to such young players. One minute the player hailed as the best player Worldwide, in the next minute he was crucified. Raheem will make a mistake, he will undergo a bad game but he would also impressive in other games.

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