Enjoy Cole Start career in Rome

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Enjoy Cole Start career in Rome

Manchester AS Roma defender, Ashley Cole, admitted that their performance has not been satisfactory so far as it is still needed adaptation. However, Cole Italian football so enjoy a new experience for him.

After eight years at Chelsea, Cole left the London club and move to Italy. Defender who is now 33-year-old joined the Serie A club Roma.

After appearing in four games with Roma in Serie A, Cole began to feel the difference between football in the Premier League and Serie A. Cole began to familiarize themselves with the Serie A is judged more slowly.

I love Italy. Certainly it is clearly different from the Premier League. You face different opponents, most of them have excellent technique and the Premier League quickly. Serie A slower, although we are happy to attack and play fast,” Cole said, as quoted UEFA’s official website.

“The manager always instructed us to attack and play. Football is different but I’m getting used to enjoy playing football and Italy. I love playing in the Premier League but this is something different.”

However, Cole admits that his performance is still not optimal. Former England international needs more playing time to get to his best.

So far everything is going well in Rome, but I have not played that well. I will not fall asleep. I need to play more,” said Cole.

I’m enjoying my football and hopefully I can replicate what I achieved at Arsenal and Cheslea. I should get used to the league and the way we played., But hopefully, if I can get more playing time and began to understand the league, I would start over attack , he said.

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