‘In the Future There Will Anyone Care What about Chelsea Champion’

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'In the Future There Will Anyone Care What about Chelsea Champion'

London – Chelsea highlighted many related style of play, including the time to lock the Premier League title last weekend. According to the Chelsea midfielder, Nemanja Matic, it will not be important anymore in the future.

Chelsea won 1-0 at home to Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (05/03/2015) set a single goal by Eden Hazard. Nevertheless, the result was enough to ensure the title to the Blues ended the wait for five years.

Despite becoming champions, Chelsea still got a comment in italics. Jose Mourinho’s troops were assessed boring on the field due to appear likely to persist.

However, comments related to it is not a problem for Matic. According to him, which will be seen in the future is just the standings, is not a matter of appearance on the pitch.

“There will be people who ask in five or 10 years into the future of how we played, if we enjoy it on the pitch, if the fans enjoy it, they will only see the standings. It is paramount,” Matic said as quoted by the Daily Star.

“Sometimes it seems like you enjoy playing on the pitch, sometimes not. When you know the whole country to see you, and wait for what you will do, and when you are playing at home and need to win to be champions, of course you’ve got pressure.”

“But that’s why we played in this stadium, that’s why we play for Chelsea, because we know how to deal with it. The most important is in every game, if you can, get the three points,” said the Serbian midfielder.

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