Finally Cage match Gerrard, Something Special in Anfield

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Finally Cage match Gerrard, Something Special in Anfield

Liverpool – Liverpool Duel with Crystal Palace at the end of this week will be the last home game of Steven Gerrard. Anfield was preparing to release the captain’s departure.

Gerrard, 34, has already stated that 2014/2015 is the last season he defends Liverpool. In the summer he will cross into the United States and play for LA Galaxy.

The departure will be filled emotional farewell for the player, penggawa the Reds and the whole Liverpudlian. Therefore, the last game at Anfield facing the Palace will be a very special match.

Quoted from ESPNFC, there are some special preparation is prepared to take off Gerrard. Liverpool’s players and Palace mentioned will pass Guard of Honor at the captain.

Another thing that is also prepared for Saturday night’s game is the mural-making in the stands of The Kop. Thousands of cartons of a variety of colors have been prepared to establish the configuration of a particular image as a form of appreciation on Gerrard.

Because of the special the game, tickets are sold in second hand price increased many-fold. For Liverpool duel with Palace in the category C tickets originally sold from the range of 37-49 pounds, but at some sites there were pulled off with 1,985 pounds.

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