Crying Fellaini Moyes Fired At MU

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Crying Fellaini Moyes Fired At MU

Manchester – David Moyes became one of the managers close to the career Marouane Fellaini. So no wonder if Fellaini feel sad when Moyes dismissed by Manchester United.

Fellaini began to cooperate with the current Moyes joined Everton in 2008. Players are identical with frizzy hair that was a mainstay in the midfield Moyes the Toffees.

When Moyes was appointed as manager of Manchester United in the summer of 2013, Fellaini also follow him to move to Old Trafford. Fellaini was recruited ‘Red Devils’ on the last day of the summer transfer window.

But not until the season dealing with Manchester United, Moyes sacked following poor results obtained. Man from Scotland were thrown out of the manager’s chair MU in April after Wayne Rooney et al. defeat of Everton.

Fellaini Moyes admitted sadly when I discovered was dismissed as manager of Manchester United. The 27-year-old midfielder call Moyes helped his career.

“When he was gone, I was sad. We had heard about it on radio and TV. It was after the defeat of Everton,” said Fellaini told So Foot magazine told Sky Sports.

“I do not know whether it’s true or not. Then I was in the cafeteria the next day’s training center and I saw him in a suit, not in a dress rehearsal. I said to myself: ‘This is the end.'”

“It was weird. After I eat, he called me into his office and he delivered the news. This is football,” said the Belgian international players.

“There were tears. That’s normal. I am human. I worked with him for six years. He is not the father of the second, but almost. He helped me a lot,” he said.
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