City Feast Goal Again Hurdles to Spurs?

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City Feast Goal Again Hurdles to Spurs?

Duel with Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City should not be too lame. In fact, in the last three games Citizens can always make more than four goals. How to duel this time?

The following data and facts Tottenham duel with the City, which will be held at White Hart Lane on Sunday (03/05/2015) night, as quoted by Eurosport:

– Tottenham recorded only one clean sheet in his last 11 Premier League matches.

– Manchester City won seven wins and one defeat in eight Premier League matches to face Spurs.

– A total of 15 goals made City in the last three games with the Spurs’ Premier League face each game to make at least four goals (4-1, 5-1 and 6-0).

– Sergio Aguero to make nine goals in six games to face Spurs.

– Edin Dzeko has scored six Premier League to face Tottenham, where four of them are created in one game ie, when City won 5-1 at White Hart Lane.

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