‘It will not leave Rome Garcia Prior to the Scudetto’

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'It will not leave Rome Garcia Prior to the Scudetto'

Rome – Roma is currently undergoing a period of less okay, led to speculation about the future of Rudi Garcia as allenatore. However, Garcia stated fixed so precise figure for Roma and he was not going to leave at least to bring Roma win Serie A.

Since the turn of Rome has undergone seven matches in all competitions, with only two wins. The results were also negatively affect the gait Roma in Serie A and Coppa Italia.

In Serie A, Roma is now seven points behind Juventus standings despite previously been only one point behind it. While in the Coppa Italia, Francesco Totti cs already eliminated at the hands of Fiorentina in the quarterfinals.

The things that are in the process gave rise to speculation that Rome and Garcia will be split up in the summer. However, the sporting director Walter Sabatini has dismissed rumors that while emphasizing the importance of the figure of Garcia.

“Just as the players and myself, he underwent what is its responsibility,” Sabatini said on Football Italia.

“The decline in the team’s performance depends on many factors. Despite the presence of indeterminate factors, something has changed in the team. Sometimes the change is a psychological problem and it can not be controlled. Last year all the players help each other and mistakes do not worry about it. this year did not like it. targets have changed personal and no fear.

“It would take an incredible job of the coach and the team (to finish). They have to seclude themselves to seek solutions and back so sharp a tough team,” he said.

According to Sabatini, Garcia still very loyal to Rome who want diantarnya Scudetto. It’s even been proven loyalty Garcia, said Sabatini, by rejecting the offers tempting to train other clubs.

“Garcia will not leave Rome until he could win the Scudetto. He already said it right in front of the arrival of the bids that would not be rejected by the other coaches. He is a coach who takes Rome. Garcia intends to honor his work with Roma, although there has been its offers which can be categorized offer impossible to resist, “he explained.

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