Scholes Criticism Current MU Games and Strategy Van Gaal Related Rooney

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Scholes Criticism Current MU Games and Strategy Van Gaal Related Rooney

Manchester – Manchester United when the game was criticized by former player himself, Paul Scholes, who also questioned Louis van Gaal’s decision not to make Wayne Rooney as the spearhead.

Despite Van Gaal was able to bring the ‘Red Devils’ three board positions Premier League standings, some criticism has been raised about the style of play that applied the tactics peracik Dutch origin.

Scholes, footballer who spent his career at Old Trafford in the period 1993-2011 and 2012-2013, was one of the highlights join the Red Devils game on the field.

“I’m not at all happy to say that today I had trouble to find excitement while watching the team of Louis van Gaal. They beat Burnley on Wednesday night but Burnley was the one who performed better in the first half,” Scholes wrote in his column in the Independent and Telegraph quoted.

“Sometimes football is played United currently depressing. To beat your opponent must attack and it must be done by taking a risk. Too few players on the current team who dare to take the risk,” the analysis.

Scholes, who in his career at Manchester United has scored a total of 155 goals, also could not understand the strategy of Van Gaal the latter more often put Rooney in various positions instead of making it as the spearhead of an ideal position.

“I think Robin van Persie and Radamel Falcao sometimes looks not coherent, while Wayne Rooney continues transferable moved to accommodate both teams. Wayne can play in any position. He is ready and the majority he will give the appearance Ponten 7,” said Scholes .

“As against Burnley he ended up as a defensive midfielder. Another time he was pushed to the outside of the right side, where he played for the immediate support of the attackers or set the rhythm. But it is a problem if Van Gaal did not think that Rooney is a better option in line front than the two other players (Van Persie and Falcao), “he protested.
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