Rooney Back Failed torehkan Shot on Target

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Rooney Back Failed torehkan Shot on Target

Manchester – Wayne Rooney was again played as a midfielder in the match Manchester United vs Burnley. Impact, Rooney again failed to carve a shot on target.

In the BBC notes, Rooney has played 540 minutes during the 2015’s. However, not even once 29-year-old captain was incised shot on target this year.

The cause is unclear, Rooney played too into by Louis van Gaal. Just like the previous matches, Rooney played as a central midfielder.

Step Van Gaal was invited spotlight. Therefore, Rooney only has an accuracy of 72% pass-no matches to be played as a midfielder. Rooney, who has determination is considered more suitable to be the attacker, in order to give eksplosivitas in United’s front line.

So far, Van Gaal still insists play Robin van Persie and Radamel Falcao as a duet on the front lines. However, they failed to look impressive in the game against Burnley this morning.

Van Persie only success chalked 1 shot on target, who fruitful gol– penalties. Meanwhile, Falcao did not even carve one shot on target too.

Van Gaal himself had mewacanakan put back Rooney in attack so that productivity is back. This season, Rooney has been played 21 times, but only scored 8 goals. Beyond that, he has contributed 4 assists.

“When he played in midfield, he will not always be in a good position to make a goal,” said Van Gaal in the Telegraph yesterday.

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