Neymar Call Coutinho Could Be Substitute Suarez at Liverpool

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Neymar Call Coutinho Could Be Substitute Suarez at Liverpool

Barcelona – The Brazilian star who plays for Barcelona, Neymar, predicts Philippe Coutinho could be a replacement figure Luis Suarez at Liverpool. Neymar also believes that his compatriot will play a major role for the Brazilian national team in the future.

Coutinho look okay when Liverpool hadangan Bolton in the FA Cup replay match on Thursday (02/05/2015) pm dawn yesterday. After the match Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers to call the 22-year players are in the right track to become world-class players like Suarez.

Neymar, which is long enough to know Coutinho and also never work together since junior national team of Brazil, agrees that Rodgers assessment. Coutinho, he said, would be a top player who will enliven the Premier League.

“He could be a star performer in the UK. This season I think everyone in the UK to see how talented he was, and I knew he still had much more to be shown,” Neymar said as quoted by the Mirror.

“We’ve become good friends since we were 16 years old. He was not only a fantastic player, he was too engrossed in the locker room, always be positive and issued a joke,” she says.

Not only plays a role as important as Suarez in the Reds, Neymar also mention that Coutinho will have a major contribution in the Brazilian national team after the return was called into the team though was overlooked for the World Cup.

“I think after Luis join us in Barcelona, Liverpool have not had one player that they can expect to make special moments. I’m sure Couto could be the player to them,” Neymar predictions.

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