Kompany: We Play Better Than Chelsea

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Kompany: We Play Better Than Chelsea

London – Duel counter top two teams Chelsea Manchester City drew 1-1. The results may be regretted by the captain of the Citizens, Vincent Kompany, because his game better.

Playing at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (02/01/2014) pm dawn, Chelsea is dominated from the start whistle sounded. However, they are difficult to penetrate the defenses City.

While the City is still cautious and chose to counterattack. Of schemes that City had two chances through Sergio Aguero, who unfortunately no goal to fruition because it pushed Thibaut Courtois and wide of the target.

Chelsea ended up winning first through their first dangerous chance in the 41st minute when Loic Remy bait pull Eden Hazard. But just four minutes advantage lasted for David Silva evened the score to 1-1.

In the second half City practically the master of the game and did not give Chelsea the chance to escape from the pressure. Unfortunately, the score remained 1-1 until the fight was over.

From the statistics Soccernet, Chelsea only had three shots throughout the game with two on goal. Whoscored note, Chelsea is the team’s first home which only managed to record three shots.

While the City has 10 shots on goal and five controls 57 percent of the ball possession.

“We had more shots on goal and chances. I think we are a better team,” said Kompany at the BBC.

Unfortunately, the addition of one point is not to change the position of City because they are still there in the second with a difference of 5 points ahead of Chelsea at the top.

“Distance is still five points and five points was not much. The experience speaks that five points was not nothing. It gave us the confidence to continue to pursue,” said the Belgian defender.
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