Hazard: Mourinho Asking me sharp as Messi and Ronaldo

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Hazard: Mourinho Asking me sharp as Messi and Ronaldo

London – Eden Hazard is enjoying his best season with Chelsea in terms of productivity goals. Yet it is not satisfactory statistics Jose Mourinho, who requested could Hzard sharp as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hazard this season has scored 13 goals from 36 appearances in all competitions. Arguably this is okay statistics from the first two seasons Hazard blue-blue uniform.

In his first season Belgian player only making 13 goals from 62 appearances in all competitions, and last season he made 17 goals from 49 appearances.

By averaging 1 goal per 228 minutes, arguably nicks Hazard goals will increase again as the new 2014/2015 season into mid-season.

Moreover Hazard given freedom by Mourinho to always operate on the front line without having to think to survive like other peers. So naturally, if Mourinho asks 22-year-old football player to be able to appear as sharp as Ronaldo and Messi, two of the best players today.

Ronaldo this season still so sharpest player in Europe with a notch 28 goals from 20 games with Real Madrid in the league, while Messi has 26 goals from 23 appearances for Barcelona. While the new Hazard has 9 goals in the Premier League.

“Jose Mourinho wants me more scoring. For forward like us, need to make a goal and pass. But I think it’s because I made a lot of opportunities,” Hazard said as quoted by the Mirror.

“I often violated, a lot got free kick and a penalty. But he wanted me to score more goals again, as the great players (Messi and Ronaldo) who made two or three goals per match,” he continued.

“What surprised me was Mourinho frees us to it. He was not too put pressure on us, she handed it to me and let me free to play.”
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