In Galaxy Later, Gerrard Fixed Wear No. 8

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In Galaxy Later, Gerrard Fixed Wear No. 8

Liverpool – Steven Gerrard with the number 8 is like Cristiano Ronaldo with the number 7. It overdo identical. And he will remain identical to the number 8 when later strengthen the LA Galaxy.

Back number 8 is not the first jersey number Gerrard. In the early days of its appearance in the Liverpool first team, Stevie G was wearing jersey number 17. Kala strengthen the England national team he or she is not wearing the jersey number 8.

Nevertheless, the number 8 that is until now the “identity” Gerrard. It has been more than 10 years he wore the number in costume rival.

In the news reported by Sky Sports, Gerrard would still wearing the number 8 in the Galaxy, the club will he defend begin next July. Gerrard is scheduled to debut on August 17, 2015 when the Galaxy face the San Jose Earthquakes.

Gerrard, now aged 34 years, has decided to leave Liverpool this season so exhausted. He decided not to renew his contract with the Reds.

Gerrard opted to play in the United States because not want to be a direct competitor of Liverpool. He also mentioned, does not rule out going back to the club one day in a different capacity.

Saturday (7/2), Gerrard is likely to carry out his last Merseyside derby as a Liverpool player.

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