Alexis No, No Problem

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Alexis No, No Problem

Arsenal left most accomplished his goal scorer during a visit to Tottenham Hotspur. The absence of Alexis Sanchez is a big loss, but without the Gunners should not worry.

Total 12 goals and seven assists from 21 appearances in the Premier League shows how big a role Alexis for Arsenal this season. If combined with an appearance in another event, the Chilean winger has a collection of 16 goals and eight assists from 26 matches.

Unfortunate for Arsenal, okay statistics of Alexis was not going to be useful when undergoing derby with Tottenham at the weekend. Alexis who was injured will miss performing at White Hart Lane.

Is there Alexis absence affect Arsena? With major contributions that have been given so far, the absence of Alexis obviously be a great loss to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. But for scoring affair, Wenger may not be too concerned.

Data from ESPNFC shows that Arsenal is a club in the Premier League with the most diverse scorer. Of the 44 goals that have been made to his opponent’s goal, there were 14 players who participated write his name on the scoreboard.

Of the 14 players Arsenal have to make these goals, Alexis (of course) is on top with 12 goals. Behind him was Olivier Giroud with seven goals, followed by Santi Cazorla (6), Danny Welbeck (4), Aaron Ramsey (3), and Mesut Ozil and Laurent Koscielny were each added two goals. While Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Callum Chambers, Hector Bellerin, Jack Wilshere, Mathieu Debuchy, Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky and each have a collection of one goal.

Arsenal also worth coming to White Hart Lane with high confidence because they were in a very good trend. Since losing to Southampton in the first day of 2015, ‘Gunner’ keep winning. The circuit is already number five games without a break, in which in the period they made 15 goals and conceded though.

The second club with the most diverse scorer was Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle United and West Ham. Noted there are 13 players from each club contributed a goal.

Scorers Arsenal
Alexis Sanchez 12
Olivier Giroud 7
Santi Cazorla 6
Danny Welbeck 4
Aaron Ramsey 3
Mesut Ozil 2
Laurent Koscielny 2.
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain 1
Callum Chambers 1
Hector Bellerin 1
Jack Wilshere 1
Mathieu Debuchy 1
Theo Walcott 1
Tomas Rosicky 1

The club with the most diverse scorer
Arsenal 14
Chelsea 13
Liverpool 13
West Ham united 13
Newcastle United 13
Southampton 12
Crystal Palace 11
Everton 11
Manchester City 11
Manchester United 10
Tottenham Hotspur 10
WBA 10
Leicester 9
Hull City 8
Stoke City 8
Sunderland 8
Burnley 7
Swansea 7
Aston Villa 6

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