United Not Being in the Clouds

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United Not Being in the Clouds

MANCHESTER Manchester United coach, Louis van Gaal admitted if a lot of things that need to be evaluated after undergoing a busy schedule in three Boxing Day game. The position of the current team has been pretty good although some things need to be addressed.

Being in the top three standings with the results of the last 11 games unbeaten by bagging 37 points had not yet made the former Dutch national team coach is satisfied. He said he still needs to develop the potential of the players considering the distance of the nearest competitor Southampton only one point.

Approaching the two points at the end of the competition the top clubs, you will be the winner. It is the sum of the results we’ve achieved. I think for the first season, it’s not too bad, but I think as a manager must analyze the performance of the players because it is very important to see how far the process that we live, said Van Gaal as reported by Goal, Tuesday (6/1 / 2015)

For me the result is not adequate, and that’s what I often say when the media conference after the match. But I hope we can grow, and our festive this result with the best performance yet. When we are in the best performance, we can have hope, “he continued.

In addition, this 63-year-old coach also revealed the players are not yet in a performance that has far above the sky. For him cohesion in the team that makes the players play better.

Not in the clouds. I used to receive criticism in the evaluation of my players, so their quality is not yet on the cloud. But I have to declare if the atmosphere in the group is fantastic and have high confidence to push us, he explained.

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