There is Possible Gerrard Back to Liverpool

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There is Possible Gerrard Back to Liverpool

LIVERPOOL After officially leaving Liverpool and opted to join Major League Soccer (MLS), Los Angeles (LA) Galaxy at the end of the season, does not mean Steven Gerrard closed the door back to Anfield. He could have returned on loan to fill the void pause competition in the United States.

Former captain of the England national team is not yet officially left the team he made his name it. However, many people predict continuation Gerrard‘s career include the option back to play for Liverpool after the captain to move to LA Galaxy.

That opportunity came in the period January to March 2016, when the elite football competition in the United States is going through a break. As is known, the MLS takes place in March and October and the playoffs take place between November and December.

Thus, allowing for Gerrard to defend the Reds in the winter of 2016 with a loan. However, the 34-year-old man was admitted to not think of loan options in the winter of next year.

I do not think about the opportunity to be loaned. I never did talk with anyone. But I am not sure whether it will happen or not, he said as quoted the Liverpool Echo, Friday (01/09/2015).

What I can say is, I want to go back and train with my colleagues in Liverpool to maintain my fitness level. Will I be able to play with Liverpool again I do not know. It will be my decision, he added.

Gerrard joined the LA Galaxy in July and contracted for 18 months with a fee of four million pounds, or approximately Rp76,8 billion.

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