Do not Sell Lucas, Liverpool

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Do not Sell Lucas, Liverpool

LONDON Legendary Liverpool players Jamie Carragher requested that his former club are to maintain their quarterback, namely Lucas Leiva. In fact, he claims that the performance of Lucas was the one who brought the Reds back performed brilliantly lately.

Lucas future with Liverpool being heavily speculated immediately move to another club in the winter transfer market this January. He felt marginalized by the Anfield Gank coach, Brendan Rodgers at the start of this season.

The condition then try utilized by a number of clubs from Serie A and La Liga are interested in getting the services of 28-year-old players. Looking at it, make Carragher spoke up.

In fact, he suggested that the Liverpool management to make every effort to maintain the temptation Lucas from other clubs. Carra asked management takes into account the contribution of the Brazilian international midfielder lately.

Lucas has contributed greatly to this team and he should remain there. Indeed there are rumors about a number of Serie A club that makes an offer, or other clubs are also after him and I‘m not sure how long the rest of his contract here, “said Carragher, as reported by the Liverpool Echo on Wednesday (21/01/2015).

He does not just have to stay at the club, but also had to survive in the team. Because at this point, they gain victory over performance. So, I think a mistake when they (management Liverpool) has no plans to sell it to another club, he concluded.

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