City midfielder Matic Make a Role Model

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City midfielder Matic Make a Role Model

MANCHESTER – Performance lure shown Nemanja Matic for Chelsea this season, apparently got the attention of Manchester City midfielder, Fernando. According to the Brazilian, in the era of modern football is rarely the type of player who appears straightforward yet quiet like Matic. In fact, Serbian midfielder Fernando make it as a model to develop the game.

Fernando and Matic likely will duel in midfield as Chelsea host Manchester City in the 23rd week of the Premier League on Sunday (31/01/2015) early morning hrs. Moreover, the chances of the 27-year-old player to be derived as a starter very large after Yaya Toure was the Ivory Coast at the African Cup.

Of course, it could be a chance of the former mainstay FC Porto to absorb knowledge from Matic who could defend Benfica. Previously, the two had met when both defended the Portuguese giants in derby titled O Classico.

“The position that we live in is the most important position for a team in the entire world. I have met Matic in Portugal a few times and I think he is an exceptional player. He has the qualities of the world. “That is like quoting Sportsmole, Friday (30/01/2015).

“Not many players in the modern era of football that plays like Matic. He was one of the players that I have seen to be studied and then I tried to develop a style of play that I have. He emerged as an important player in Chelsea. I always try to see the style of play, “he explained.

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