Allegri & Marotta No Problem Compact Sneijder

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Allegri & Marotta No Problem Compact Sneijder

TURIN Although equally praised the capacity of Wesley Sneijder, turns allenatore Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus director, Beppe Marotta, incongruent about the need for Sneijder transfer to Galatasaray.

Allegri on the other hand was deeply in need of additional new quarterback. Especially solid future ahead of schedule when the stage of the Champions League has been re-opened the curtains.

In order to improve this squad we need great players and Sneijder one of them. He is still an important player for Galatasaray and has a quarterback with a particular character, “said Allegri told Sky Sport Italia on Wednesday (07/01/2014).

At the moment we only have four or five players, so not ideal for them to play every time. I had the great quarterback that I would not exchange with another team for anything. When we performed three days and return the Champions League, we need more options, he added.

While on the other hand, Marotta felt Bianconeri squad is enough and even had more than qualified. If anything they will try to hook Sneijder, Juve just want to negotiate their own way and certainly, not to redeem Sneijder clause of 20 million euros which was considered overpriced.

I said Sneijder talented player and has characters that can be integrated with the system and our team tactics. There has been no official negotiations at this time and we only have the information and the intention of the player. If we had a chance to get in our way, then we will do, “said Marotta.

Galatasaray want money and we do not intend to make it up. We‘ve got a squad that is satisfactory, so if an opportunity arose impressive, of course we will take, but currently does not exist. We are not in an emergency situation, so we do not rush to buy players, he concluded.

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