Sterling New Weapon Reds

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Sterling New Weapon Reds

LIVERPOOL Being a witness of the growing ability of Raheem Sterling from day to day, Brendan Rodgers then praised the 20-year-old players. Furthermore, according to Sterling will continue to shut down as age increases.

Still left absent Daniel Sturridge injured, then Mario Balotelli who never perform optimally, Sterling believed Rodgers became a center forward on the front lines of Liverpool in the last few games. He also scored the only goal when his team a 1-0 win over Burnley on Friday (12/26/2014).

The success breaking goal Burnley also end the fasting goals Sterling stalled at number 12. Rodgers believes the England international will be a crucial role for the team and regularly contributed a goal for Liverpool.

I think there are some players who were born as a natural goal scorer. They live to score, they just want to score goals. Some players do not worry about how much they try, but they have the quality and just want to score goals, “said Rodgers, as reported by Goal, Monday (12/29/2014).

But for me, I am very pleased with its performance (Sterling). He turned into the role, he offers us an actual threat. Velocity in every game so phenomenal, but he also has a calmness. Of course he will lose some opportunities as you can see against Burnley, but when he managed to get one, he added

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