Rodgers: I Just Appropriate Practice Liverpool

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Rodgers: I Just Appropriate Practice LiverpoolLiverpool Although not as good as last season’s performance, Brendan Rodgers judge that he is the right coach for Liverpool. According to him, there is no other appropriate coach than him.

Liverpool appearances this season is decreased dramatically. From the team that is likely to be the Premier League champions, the Reds are now stranded in the ninth.

In addition, Steven Gerrard and his colleagues also failed in the Champions League. Liverpool must be willing to fail to qualify for the round of 16 after the final game could only grab a 1-1 draw against FC Basel at Anfield.

The migration of the machine goal, Luis Suarez, Barcelona became one of the causes of decreased performance Liverpool. Moreover, the most dependable players replace Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, even more absent due to injury.

Rodgers effort to bring a new striker, Mario Balotelli, to fill the position of Suarez, was fruitless. Balotelli‘s performance was far below expectations.

With all these facts, Rodgers still optimistic to bring Liverpool’s rise from the ground.

I think the message of my very clear. I do not think there is anyone else who is more worthy to train here. Seven months ago we almost won the Premier League trophy. I have a lot of time working with the players and we bring them to a position that has long this club is not perceived, “said Rodgers, quoted on Sky Sports.

I think there is no better person than me in dealing with the problem that occurred here in the past two and a half years. Criticism comes when you do not win the game. Those who criticize me maybe they are used to say I could not be any six or seven last month. that’s football, the 41-year-old coach was closed.

Rodgers will face a hard game when Liverpool had to deal with Manchester United, the team recorded a five-game winning streak. Duel will be held tonight at Old Trafford. [Yob]

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