Quick adaptation Rooney Reaping Praise

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Quick adaptation Rooney Reaping Praise

MANCHESTER Legend of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney praised while helping his team beat Newcastle United 3-1 at Old Trafford on Friday (12/26/2014). In that game Rooney is plotted as a midfielder and was able to score two goals.

Scholes admitted impressed with lightning adaptation Rooney, who did not look awkward in his new position. Role carried Rooney reminds Scholes will position itself during active play.

Wayne shows the game with top quality. He is a top striker, but everyone has seen that he was able to play a little to the rear as a midfielder,” said Scholes as reported by BT Sport, Sunday (12/28/2014).

It is an art to be able to score a goal after running from midfield ranks. Wayne showed settlement also slick. He played brilliantly throughout the match,” he added.

Additional two goals that make the collection Rooney goal to eight of 14 games in the Premier League this season. The victory also further strengthen the Red Devils in the top three Premier League 2014-15 standings, three points clear of Southampton in the order of four.

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