Failed Barca wins in the Cage Getafe

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Failed Barca wins in the Cage Getafe

Madrid Barcelona unexpectedly had to settle for a goalless draw when a visit to the headquarters of Getafe on Saturday night (13/12) pm.

Throughout the 90 minutes of normal time, Barcelona is indeed mastered the game. Recorded Lionel Messi and his friends make 76 percent ball possession and 23 trials. Unfortunately only two right into the target but not fruitful goal.

Playing in front of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez stadium public, Barca made the first chance in the 14th minute through Luis Suarez. Past two opposing players, he then left foot kick. Unfortunately, the ball still soar.

35th minute Getafe goalkeeper to rescue a hit to block the kick Lionel Messi. A minute later, he returned to thwart the chances Gerard Pique.

Continued pressure Barca, Getafe capable of launching a dangerous counter-attack in the 40th minute. Angel Latifa hard kick forced goalkeeper Claudio Bravo to rescue a hit prevent the ball into the net.

In the second interval, Barca attack has not subsided. However, discipline and a solid back line Getafe makes groove ball to Messi was slightly delayed. Messi more playing pick up the ball from midfield.

It is easily anticipated by applying the rearguard Getafe man to man marking.

Luis Enrique continues to pump the spirit of foster children. The game quickly try exhibited squad Los Blugrana, but until entering the final minute was unable to find the net Getafe.

Barca had to be content to bring home a point. Their position is still at number two with a value of 35 or four points behind Real Madrid at the top of the standings.


Getafe: Guaita, Velazquez, Naldo, Alexis, Valera, Rodriguez, Pedro Leon, Lafita (Diego Castro 70 ), Michael, Yoda (Pedro Leon 76‘), Lacen.

Barcelona: Bravo, Alves (Adriano 80 ), Pique, Mathieu, Alba, Rakitic (Iniesta 66‘), Busquets, Xavi, Pedro (El Haddadi 77 ), Suarez, Messi.

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