Will not No More Bus in Front of Hurdles Chelsea

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Will not No More Bus in Front of Hurdles Chelsea

London Chelsea‘s trip to Liverpool last ended with a 2-0 victory and accusations there are two buses parked in front of goal the Blues. This weekend‘s two confirmed bus has moved.

Congratulations to Chelsea, they won the game, we just were not able to break the deadlock. They obviously survived too deep, I think there are two buses were parked, instead of one,” Brenda Rodgers quipped after the game in April.

At week 34 of the Premier League last season Chelsea won 2-0 at Anfield. When the competition has become very fierce champion each involving both teams and also Manchester City. These conditions make Jose Mourinho instructed his players to play defense and counter-attack.

Although less dominant in possession and the number of attempt, yet Chelsea who earned maximum points through goals Demba Ba and Willian. Defeat it to be one of the main causes of the Reds failed to become champion.

Ahead of the trip to Chelsea this weekend, midfielder Nemanja Matic mention that moves Chelsea bus parking is not easy and can be done every team. Moreover, ‘The Blueto survive and still be able to win.

No one is happy when they are in defeat (Liverpool) is also not happy with the results. A lot of teams have been trying to park the bus in front of goal against us, but we (still) win. It was not easy. If you survive you know jarus how, score is 2-0, we showed our quality, “said Matic in Dailymail.

To match this weekend Matic sure that Chelsea will no longer put the bus in front of goal. Due to different conditions of last season to now, Chelsea will play a more open

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