After the ‘Turn off’ Ronaldo, Kolo Toure Ready to Give More to Liverpool

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After the 'Turn off' Ronaldo, Kolo Toure Ready to Give More to Liverpool

Liverpool Liverpool players Kolo Toure become the most widely praised during a visit to Real Madrid in the Champions League. Success dampen El Real and switch off’ Cristiano Ronaldo, he gave much more ambitious for the Reds.

Play the full 90 minutes, Toure became the greatest figure of the role as Liverpool only lost 0-1 in a trip to the Santiago Bernabeu. Kolo Toure Whoscored records that had a 100% success Dachshund, made six clearances and made seven blocks.

Toure‘s performance in that match dismissed doubts on him, which instantly appear when Brendan Rodgers certainly made him the starting XI. For the record, this is the first time starter after Toure finished last in the English League Cup in February.

People say we do not have a chance against Real Madrid but it gave us motivation. When you lack the chance to play and the manager offered then you will give our best,” said Toure.

I know we lost but I am very happy because we showed a good game. In the end all the players worked hard and showed determination. There are many players who have not been down this season but we managed to show good sebarapa us,” he said again in Skysport.

The opportunity to play at the Bernabeu who then paid the okay appearance makes Toure. He also hoped he would be able to chance again to enter the field and become the primary choice, especially Liverpool will face Chelsea.

“I miss games like this. This is the kind pertndingan that you’ll remember for the life of you. Terakir time I played here was with Arsenal, and we won,” said Toure on Skysports.

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