Battle of the Buffet: Slice of Pizza in the head of Sir Alex

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Battle of the Buffet: Slice of Pizza in the head of Sir Alex

All eyes gaze towards him and open-mouthed at the sight of a slice of pizza down on the brown-colored face and sank to the nice black suit .

The sentence is gouged from Ashley Cole‘s autobiography, tells what happened in the hallway of Old Trafford after Manchester United’s duel with Arsenal in the Premier League event in 2004. Some people refer to it as Pizzagate’ while the British media there also gave him the nickname ‘Battle of the Buffet‘.

Precisely on October 24, 2004, Manchester United won 2-0 victory over Arsenal. The result of the match to finish unbeaten sequence matches the Gunners are already menrentang for 49 games in a row and still be a Premier League record until today.

What is written in his autobiography that Cole is one scene in clashes antarapemain and some staff of both clubs at Old Trafford dressing aisle. Despite several years to occur, the details about the ‘Battle of the Buffetis not really clearly defined. Several British tabloids call that two teams each threw food such as soups, sandwiches, pizzas and a few other things that can actually be eaten.

Scenes climax of the Battle of the Buffet was a slice of pizza while hovering over the players and then landed on the head of Sir Alex Ferguson. In addition to Cole, Phil Neville and Martin Keown justify it. Reportedly Cecs Pizza Fabregas was the pitcher, although he did not specifically aim at the head of Fergie.

Heat Since Before Games

Arsenal visited Old Trafford as the top standings. Not just in the top position, the Gunners are the defending champions of the Premier League season after being previously undefeated competition. Arsenal came with a record 49 games unbeaten, and Old Trafford where they fulfill the target becomes great record to 50 consecutive games without defeat.

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