Angry Wenger, but not to the Players

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Angry Wenger, but not to the Players

LONDON Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted angry because his team lost 1-2 to Manchester United, the Premier League match at the Emirates on Saturday (11/22/2014). According to Wenger, the players have worked hard on the game and not worth go home without any points.

Arsenal lost due to an own goal by Kieran Gibbs (56) and goals Wayne Rooney (85). Goals mere puppet of the Gunners created Olivier Giroud at minute 90 + 5.

Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, Arsenal bead off ten shots from 18 businesses, while MU accurately fired two shots from eight experiments.

This is the second defeat Arsenal in the last two games in the Premier League. With the defeat, Arsenal sits eighth in the standings with 17 of 12 matches, or lose two points of Chelsea in fourth place. The top of the table was occupied Chelsea with a value of 32.

I’m not angry with the players. I put an enormous respect for the energy they spend and the spirit they showed, tremendous attitude, spirit and energy levels,” said Wenger.

I’m angry because the players do not get what they deserve and our fans do not get rewarded for results that we get in the game. Before this, we had trouble against Manchester United. However, we can not be called a difficulty against them this time,” he added.

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