Absent in the Champions League, Manchester United Revenue Down

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Absent in the Champions League, Manchester United Revenue Down

Manchester Manchester United announced a decline in revenue in the first quarter of the season 2014-2015 of 9.9% compared with last year. It is the impact of the absence of Manchester United in the Champions League.

With David Moyes sat in a chair manager last season, MU undergo season with unsatisfactory. At the end of the season, with Moyes has been dismissed, the ‘Red Devilsalso failed to qualify for European competition.

It was then also have an impact on the decline in revenues in the first three months, to Sept. 30, this season. If last season Manchester United won 98.5 million pounds in the same period, this time in the period that they only received 88.7 million pounds.

In detail MU revenues from broadcasting rights fell 13% to 16.8 million pounds, while their income on the day down 21.8% to 15.1 million pounds. The Red Devils commercial revenue was down 5.2% to 56.8 million pounds.

A similar trend is believed to be seen in the figures the following quarters, with revenues MU this season predicted to fall 40 million pounds compared to last season. However, the Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward MU still looks positive.

“Although we were aware of the results in the 2014/15 financial year will reflect our absence from the Champions League, in the first quarter we have signed the biggest deal in the history of team uniforms football,” he said at Soccerway.

And with that we are excited to focus our efforts on the growth opportunities in the sector sponsorhsip, digital media and retail, and merchandising,” said Woodward.

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