‘Mourinho Not Negative, He is precisely Clever’

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'Mourinho Not Negative, He is precisely Clever'

London Jose Mourinho has often been accused of playing a negative tactic when undergoing big matches and it makes getting out negative spotlight. However, according to Jamie Carragher, Mourinho is precisely the figure of a smart coach.

Take for example when Chelsea successfully win over Liverpool at Anfield last season. In the game, Mourinho getting the spotlight because of a large bus parked in the Chelsea defense. The Blues survived the total in the game and just rely on counterattacks.

But, Carragher judge that it shows the genius of Mourinho. Ex-Liverpool defender, now a match for Sky Sports analyzer that call, Mourinho is a manager-type adaptive tactics and strategy.

Mourinho does not have one tactic or strategy saklek. He will always change according to the opponents faced –and, according Carragher, is something that shows Mourinho is a very smart man.

I think, not a negative thing when Mourinho counter-attack in some games,” said Carragher.

He will use tactics that he thought had the greatest chance to win his team. Was clever name, not a negative,” said Carragher.

This weekend, Sunday (05/10/2014), Chelsea host Arsenal. If Mourinho is a flexible figure, Carragher assess the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, quite the contrary.

I do not think Wenger will play different things, I guess it’s not his style. Might be helpful if he’s a little play around with some things, but I do not see it ever happening,” said Carragher.

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