Mourinho: Financial Fair Play Only Profitable Large clubs

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Mourinho: Financial Fair Play Only Profitable Large clubs

London Jose Mourinho has said that Financial Fair Play regulations issued by UEFA does not help bandage spending big clubs, but it helps them to spend more.

However, before saying more words, Mourinho first asserts that Chelsea are not included in the row of big clubs in question. The reason, many Chelsea players sell at high prices in the last few transfer market.

Call it Juan Mata being sold to Manchester United at a price of 37.1 million pounds in January 2014 and David Luiz for £ 50 million.

We have to first get the income to be able to buy new players,” said Mourinho told Eurosport.

Financial Fair Play (FFP) is actually applied to make European clubs brakes on spending. They are prohibited from spending money in excess of income they receive. If violated, sanctions barred from UEFA tournaments belonging can be imposed.

However, according to Mourinho, this does not apply to traditional giant clubs. The clubs, called Mourinho, already had a solid financial strength so it does not matter how much money is spent, they still would get a greater income.

Here’s what’s behind the courage Real Madrid paid 71 million pounds for United’s James Rodriguez and courage to spend 59.7 million pounds for Angel Di Maria.

According to Mourinho, FFP did not look so nothing in front of the big clubs.

When UEFA impose FFP, they try to make every club has the same chances. But, in fact, all the big teams, all the big clubs, clubs that have for years been at the top with a broad fan base around the world, with more lot of revenue, so players still spend a lot of money.

So clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, United’s major teams these– all bodies they have the advantage,” said Mourinho.

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