Discuss Giggs Confidence Problem Players

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Discuss Giggs Confidence Problem Players

Manchester For Ryan Giggs, confidence issues could be the most important factor in a game. Giggs also acknowledged that there is little confidence issues at Manchester United.

United have never won so 2014/2015 season begins. Of the three games in the Premier League and a League Cup match in England, United drew twice and lost twice.

For Giggs, hasi like it could be lowered confidence of the players. However, there is no way to forget it but to return to practice the next day and left the poor results that far behind.

When I was still a player, when I dropped my confidence, the only way to restore it is back in training,” said the United manager‘s assistant at the Telegraph.

How to get back that confidence is by practicing hard. Only the player can do: Work hard.”

Of course, the coaching staff gave a few words, advice, or suggestion, and it helps. They will monitor and inform the player that the players do not work hard enough, or maybe tell what the player is supposed to do.”

That’s what I try to do as a coach. If I see something in someone’s game, I‘ll tell him., But if the players worked well, it will give the capital to look good.

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