Destroy Team, Liverpool No Longer Wear Benny Dollo Season Home

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Destroy Team, Liverpool No Longer Wear Benny Dollo Season Home

Jakarta Jakarta Persija will make sweeping changes to the face of Indonesia Super League (ISL) next season, which one of them is looking for a replacement for Benny Dollo is not extended his contract as coach.

This season Bendol, so familiar greeting Benny Dollo, failed to meet targets launched by the management team that took the team to qualify for the last eight ISL.

Once completed the group phase, there are only Persija fifth Western Conference and lost two points from Bandung Raya Pelita the last representative of the group, due to finish fourth.

Inevitably this makes the club’s president, Paul Ferry, inevitably have to do a major overhaul, starting from the stage manager, head coach, assistant coach to kitman.

In a release received detiksport, Ferry would like to thank all members of Persija and subsequent management through intensive meetings were conducted a few days ago, will move quickly to approach the multiple targets to be used as a manager and coach.

Meanwhile, all the players are still under contract until the end of November 2014, his future will only be known after the election of a new manager and coach. As per the results of the evaluation estimated that only about 25 percent of the players who will be retained. But it depends on the policies and strategies of the new coach is chosen later.

Last Ferry also apologize to all football stakeholders Jakarta especially Jakmania and all supporters and lovers of Persija Jakarta, to express our gratitude for your support during this incredible.

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